Replacement Windows Vs New Construction Windows

New Construction Windows can be defined as windows used on new structures, or those used as additions for old structures. Note that they are not only designed for new homes. They can also be used in existing constructions that involve main renovations whereby walls would be stripped down and stuff. Also worth mentioning about new construction Windows is the fact that they come in specified sizes only and are mostly readily available at home improvement stores.

Replacement Windows on the other hand can be designed as windows that are designed to replace most, but not all parts of an existing window. In most cases, replacement windows would not interfere with the existing window frames, hence the new replacement window would often be fitted into the existing frame. What this means is that the glass area would be significantly smaller compared to that of the existing window. Most replacement windows are made of vinyl, and come with sealed glass. There are also aluminum windows although most of them are antiquated and wood replacement windows although most of them are highly priced.

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With that being said, how do you know when to use Replacement Windows or New Construction Windows?

When building a new residential home – In such a case scenario, you will definitely need to use new construction windows because basically, the structure is new. It would be pointless to use replacement windows because you will not be replacing anything really.

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When building a home addition – this case scenario also calls for the use of new construction windows. This is just an example of the other above mentioned case scenario, unless there is some very distinctive work, such as when you want to slot in a part of an existing wall into your home addition, more often than not though, you will use new construction windows for all home additions.

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Replacing old windows whose framing is in terrible condition – if you already have windows but are in poor condition, such as they have been destroyed by termite, they are rotten, or falling apart, either replacement windows or new construction windows can be used. Note that if the extent of damage is high, you may need to do lots of carpentry work, meaning it would be easy, simple, and much affordable to install a new construction window when compared to replacement windows.

Replacing windows whose framing are in great condition – this is where you will need to use replacement windows. Having to install a new construction window on a wall that is in great condition will do more damage than good, hence having a replacement window is more practical.

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